Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Thank You, Donald Trump

Mr. Obama, uncritically supported by the Democrat ship of fools who share his beliefs, regularly trots out some sanctimonious meme of Cultural Marxism, such as, "Americans are a [mindlessly, suicidaly] tolerant people; it's WHO WE ARE!"  Despite his assertions, it is rapidly becoming apparent that opposing beliefs articulated by Donald Trump more accurately reflect WHO WE ARE.

Whether Mr. Trump is elected President is a matter the future will decide, but already in these early days he has done America invaluable service in at least two ways:

He regularly shows a deep contempt, shared by most Americans, for political correctness and its government-media purveyors.  The more they attack him in their best (and, heretofore, reliably intimidating) Alinsky fashion, the faster he rises in popularity.  When he says socially "unspeakable" things, outraged politicians in both parties, undergirded by Democrat-complicit media begin their full-throated and carefully scripted assaults.  Always against the man, since debating substance is never in play.  Think Tank meme factories go into 24-7 production in league with opposition researchers.  In the face of all that, Mr. Trump does not apologize; on the contrary, he re-asserts himself with renewed vigor.  The lesson drawn from this black widow's dance is not lost on the American public.  He has unshackled the reticent from the fear of voicing their true opinions.

Secondly, with uncanny precision, he smokes out PC faux-conservatives: the Ryans, Fiorinas, Rubios and most of the Republicrat establishment, who, unlike Graham, Kasich, et. al., had hoped to remain in the closet.  Likewise the sketchy nominal conservatives at Fox News: the O'Reillys, Krauthammers, Wills, Humes, Kellys, et. al.  More outrage at Trump's unfiltered clarity.  Whether politicians or pundits, they just can't contain themselves in the rush to put distance between themselves and politically incorrect common sense; above everything, they want us to know they are "good people".

At least for now, this brash interloper is America's Everyman.  Thank you, Donald Trump.

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