Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Round 'em Up, Head 'em Out: The Great Pro-Trespasser Canard

Perhaps 'straw man' is more to the point.  Let's examine the pro-illegal immigration themes and memes.

Huge Cost of Deportation
If US law was enforced, most trespassers would self-deport at their own expense.  I have not heard anyone who is opposed to persons entering and remaining in this country illegally advance any plan to 'round up' trespassers and return them to the border outside long-standing deportation procedures already on the books.  But, for the sake of discussion, let's say we actually hunted these criminals down and paid for their return home.  Let's even say by air and in first class cabins.  The cost would be little more than incidental when compared to the drain on our infrastructure -- schools, hospitals, prisons, public assistance, crime, spreading diseases formerly under control in the US, motor vehicle accidents involving uninsured drivers and displacing American workers.
The Rawhide scenario is no more than a Marxist/Alinsky strawman; if our laws were once again routinely enforced, and if persons illegally hiring trespassers were fined or imprisoned, there would be little incentive to remain in the country.

But What About the Families and Children?
Another appeal to emotion.  Self-deporting illegal adults whose children are citizens will make the choice whether to leave as an intact family.

Not Consistent with "American Values"
American values were articulated by our Founders in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.  National self-immolation was not among them.

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