Tuesday, November 1, 2016

How Paul Ryan Made Me Fall In Love With Donald Trump

Well, Ryan didn't do it all by himself; he had help from numerous of his colleagues in the Pathetic Party, whose pious, knee-jerk responses to Trump's P.I. remarks about the aggressive importation of unvetted Muslim immigrants are predictable and transparent.  Ryan, et. al., hasten to seek the nearest media platform to express collectivist-scripted outrage ahead of the Democrats.  Sometimes they do, and sometimes they sing in unison.  Ryan helped me see the pattern and (belatedly) to discover the obvious.
A sizable contingent of the GOP is Leftist, if not consciously, then because of lifetimes of public indoctrination.  They allied with Republicans only because they are insufficiently radical to succeed among Democrats.

Now I have been strongly critical of Donald Trump, and so I remain, but this man raises for public discussion the existential issues of our time, while his cohort cowers in hiding.  Trump is, to be sure, a cipher, and we cannot be certain what dangers may lie beneath his persona, but what he has done so far is immeasurably valuable.

In the beginning, like many conservatives, I supported Ted Cruz; I did so with little or no reservation.  Though Trump won the party's nomination, I was already committed to vote with the Republicans -- not because I was enamored of Trump, but because the alternatives were unthinkable.  I would vote for him, but with serious doubts and no enthusiasm.  But it was not long before I began, increasingly, to like what I saw and heard.

So, in the end, I came closer to Trump's camp because we share a domain of enemies; and because he is the first man associated with the Republican Party, since Reagan, who knows how to rout them.

Let me add that I was never tempted to join that cadre of Never-Trump conservative elitists who affirm themselves by wallowing in sanctimony, Marxist victory be damned.

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