Thursday, April 25, 2013

Promising New Republican Senators. Open Thread

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I have updated this list -- as events unfolded -- since it was first published in April.
-- June 20.

Ted Cruz
Mike Lee
Rand Paul
Marco Rubio
Paul Ryan
Pat Toomey

Friday, April 5, 2013

Big Government's "Problem" Racket

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Understanding the Rackets

If government is the problem, why would government want to solve it?  Think about it.

Since Marxist-leaning John Dewey's educational reforms took hold in America, our citizens have been conditioned to turn to government when difficulties arise.  It was a long transition from the instinctive habit of individualism and self-reliance that held on stubbornly from pioneer times through the late 50's.  Vestiges of America's independent spirit remain (as seen in the Tea Party, Tenth Amendment initiatives and scattered patriot groups sandwiched between the coasts), but recent social, political and economic developments in America suggest that self-reliance is now more relic that viable force.  We turn to government.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Foreign Trespassers

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US Soldier at Border Fence - 1916

It is remarkable when I find myself in agreement with the AP, but in this case I do -- at least in part.  The use of the phrase "illegal immigrant" should be abandoned, as should "illegal aliens" and "undocumented workers".  But the use of language in this sole instance is all I will stipulate to AP.  They carry the matter much farther in support of a pervasive relativist ethic -- no labels at all, anywhere! [1]  We may describe an action as illegal, but never a person.  Someone may belong to the CPUSA as a loyal and activist member, but he may not be called a communist; he may, with malice aforethought, take the life of his fellow human beings, but we mustn't call him a murderer.  And so on...  Too judgmental. [2]