Thursday, January 19, 2017

Nationalism? Populism? Whoa, Nellie. Not So Damn Fast

Those facile labels, in their generality -- their certitude -- smell of Leftist media, meme factories and think-tanks.  And they are unconsciously, yet eagerly embraced and repeated by fearful, ignorant, thoughtless and inarticulate eunoch Republicans.  "I don't know how to sort this stuff out on my own, so I appreciate the help.  Anyhow, if I had an original and contrary thought, I wouldn't think of arguing.  I don't want to look bad in front of my Democrat colleagues.  And how will I be seen in the media?"

The confirmation hearings in the Senate -- with rare exceptions -- demonstrate how pathetic, unprepared and unassertive the nominees are.  Rick Perry's performance is adequate example.

Is the natural (for Americans) resentment and anger against Big State elitist tyranny populism?  Were the Founders populists?  Is that wonderful combination of constitutional conservatism and little "L" libertarianism populism?  I think not.

Is the patriotic love of country nationalism.  Is the opposition to globalist new world order that entails the abandonment of sovereignty nationalism?  Why not jingoism?

In my view these labels are traps that ensnare not only careless or lazy thinkers but too often very bright conservatives who ought to know better.

Note.  To be sure populism and nationalism are resident factors in most polities.  To suggest they are dominant drivers of the election of Donald Trump is to ignore the clear trends in opposition to Obamalinsky overreach manifested in 2010 and 2014.  Democrat shrinkage (withering) in federal and state venues.

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