Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Donald Trump: More Balls Than Sense. And That Ain't All Bad

Photo by Gage Skidmore
Trump's critics tell us a lot more about themselves than the man they criticize.  John McCain and his love child, Lindsay Graham head a long list of pussified Republicrats who see a threat in anyone who dares to commit the heresy of truth-telling in public.  Donald Trump has joined Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachmann, Mike Lee, Ted Cruz, Tom Cotton and (too few) others.  At least for the moment.

Where is the Sense?
When we ascribe to someone the characterization of having more balls than sense, we mean by implication, good sense.  In the case of the Republicrats, there is neither balls nor sense.  Where, for example, is the good sense in apologizing for the possibility of giving offense to their delusional enemies across the aisle -- those whom they have yet to recognize as enemies?  Where is the good sense in mounting attacks, riddled with the worst kind of pure bitchiness, against their own party members who hold the conservative principles shared by the majority of Americans?  Where is the good sense in joining the Left in support of an administration that holds equally in contempt the public will and the law?

Where are the Balls?
Ideally we look for a balance between balls and sense.  By balls, the reader may have inferred, I mean more than testosterone-fueled manliness; rather a self-confident, assertive and unapologetic stand (taken by anyone) on first principles.  According to that view, Sarah Palin, for example, has more balls than all the establishment Republicrats combined.

Feminist political correctness has effectively neutered much of America (the West, generally), and that is most apparent in the faux-conservative Senate and House.  The flap over Donald Trump's
self-evident statements about the dangers and chaos driven by Alinskyite immigration policy has touched a nerve in the American public, strongly suggesting that when we see on public display that rare combination of balls and sense* that something's gone right.

* Trump, himself, rarely combines the two in the conservative context, but there are exceptions.

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