Monday, March 23, 2015

Is It Time, Yet, to Inquire Whether Our President is an Islamist?

When I say "is it time,yet..." I mean, has the mountain of evidence from which we can infer the President's affinity for the Muslim enemies of the West achieved sufficient mass that we now dare to violate the canon of political correctness and broach the question.  Too harsh?  How about 'Fellow Traveler'?

Looking back on the foreign policy decisions taken by this administration (a.k.a. Mr. Obama), I cannot discover one that has not favored Islamists at the expense of America and the free world; not one.  

Coincidences are rare in authoritarian politics.  Trains of coincidence are all but impossible, and when entire classes of policy initiatives -- foreign, military, economic, legal, social, staffing -- form  consistent, and always pernicious, patterns, [2] we can deduce that they are deliberate and planned.

That is clearly the case in President Obama's decisions that regularly and predictably favor the interests of the Muslim fundamentalists, in all their variations, at home and abroad.
Emblem of the Muslim Brotherhood
If he continues to be successful in destroying ("transforming")        America, its fall, along with a widely de-stabilized Middle East might just be sufficient catalysts for the onset of Apocalypse.  Which brings me to a riff on the title question.  I'll set it up with by quoting a campaign mantra that readers will know.

"We are the ones we've been waiting for".  Which cries out for the question that no one seems to ask: We? Who's been waiting?  It occurs to me that it might be Muslims.  The uma.  Sunnis and Shi'ites alike, who await the Twelfth Imam.  The Mahdi.  I find no difficulty in imagining that Mr. Obama -- no stranger to the grandiose self-image -- believes it is he; the bringer of the apocalypse himself. [2]

While readers may think this an immoderate reach, I would invite them to ponder the idea in terms of its sheer explanatory power.  An organizing principle.  Those who have read Jamie Glazov's United in Hate will be familiar with the sick-puppy-pairing of jihadis and the sociopathic Marxist Left.

1 While there is no scarcity of itemized lists of abuses perpetrated by this president, domestic and foreign, Michael Goodwin's article in the New York Post is notable for its starkness and brevity.  He is warning Israel about potentially existential consequences of Obama's alignment with Iran.
The cart blanch -- tricked out as "negotiation" -- that John Kerry is begging Iran to accept is interesting for its pre-set concluding date: March 31.  Obama hopes it will be in place in time for May Day.
2    I'd love to be a fly on the wall when Ayatollah Kameinie discovers that the American President is the Mahdi!  Or maybe he already knows...  Or what about King Abdullah or Erdogan?  Or maybe they already know...   


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